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Krav Maga Alliance of Australia kids classes have a modern, new, approach to kids fitness,

anti bullying, children’s self defence and personal development.

Please note at this time junior krav Maga classes are only ran at our Hervey Bay location.

To register you interest for these classes in Bundaberg & Sunshine Coast please click here


At this age most kids are nearing the end of primary school or they are in high school and the problems they deal with become nastier and more violent.

The classes focus on building confidence, awareness, self discipline and most importantly mental and physical strength.

Junior Krav Maga with KMAA  teaches students practical and realistic self defence against all types of bullying and attacks such as punches, kicks, grabs, holds, chokes, etc while building strong fighting/combat skills (punching, kicking, etc)

Please see Hervey Bay page to view full class timetable.

Junior kids classes are every Monday and Wednesday From 4:30pm to 5:20pm 

This class is for kids aged 10 to 14 years old.

We are not like traditional martial arts, we are a modern thinking system always striving for more knowledge to evolve and excel in our field while consistently offering the best and most up to date

self defence techniques and fitness programs for your children's safety, overall growth and personal development.

KMAA kids are developed from the inside out helping them to become confident, strong, resilient, focused, driven and disciplined to have a “Never Give Up” attitude!

- OBSTACLE COURSES - For strength,  body co ordination and agility.

- REFLEX ACTION GAMES AND DRILLS- To help build faster reactions, speed up decision making and enhance hand/eye co ordination.

- GROUP TASKS - To teach kids to work with others and be team players.

- RELAYS AND COMPETITIVE GAMES - To teach heart and spirit and to show that winning and losing is a fact of life and there is not always a participation trophy in the real world.

- BODY STRENGTH WORK- (push ups, squats, sit ups, etc) To build flexibility, and core strength.

- PADWORK/HITTING, KICKING PADS - For co ordination, timing and building power and strength.

- PARTNER VS PARTNER GAMES AND DRILLS-  Used for all aspects of growth.

- WORKING SELF DEFENCE PROBLEMS WITH PARTNERS- To learn techniques correctly and enhance reaction time and decision making under stress.

In this day and age with bullying and random violent attacks on the rise, it's becoming a very real problem for many of our precious kids.

The outdated ways of just teaching the kids to throw some punches and kicks while jumping all over the place is simply not enough skills for your child to survive today's harsh and sometimes very cruel world.

THATS WHERE WE COME IN! We don't just teach your kids to punch and kick the air all night,

we also give your child the tools to defuse and deescalate a confrontation, the courage to cope under stress and react to a problem..... and the strength, mental toughness and techniques to deal with a physical attack if necessary.

The skills we give the kids along with the mental and physical strength we instill in them, flows into their personal characteristics, making them strong, healthy disciplined and confident

in all aspects of their life.

Not to mention having a "never give up attitude towards everything life throws at them!"

We offer free trial lessons for kids interested in joining our classes  to come see how awesome our junior krav classes are!

To book a free trial lesson for your child simply hit the button below to contact us.

Go to "message us now" Put parent details in required field and then provide Childs name and age in "What's your question" section along with any additional info you think is relevant.

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