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Like most gyms, martial arts & sporting clubs KMAA uses a direct debit company to collect your regular training fees.

The fees are debited every fortnight from your chosen method of payment

such as bank account/credit card/master card.

Sorry we do not offer pay per class.

We only take regular students and the fortnightly fees paid are a yearly fee that is broken up into 26 equal and convenient fortnightly payments.

NOTE: Unlike most gyms and clubs we do not lock you in  to 12 month contracts or even

3 months for that matter. KMAA contract requirement is only 8 weeks (4 fortnightly payments)

and then you can stop payments anytime by simply notifying us of your intent to stop training

via email, phone/sms or in person. 

Below are our training fees for each training group

$120 per month (Debited fortnightly at $60)

$110 per month (Debited fortnightly at $55)

Most people want to know the price to train before they have even seen or participated in a class, which always puzzles us because its hard to judge something and its worth if you have never seen the product?

If someone was selling a car for $5,000 and as soon as you saw the price you said " I think that's too much for a car" but that car turned out to be a Ferrari! we are pretty sure you would have wished you checked the car out before making your decision!

Cheaper doesn't mean its your best option, it might just be that it is an inferior product!

Just like something being more expensive doesn't mean its a better product, they just might be trying to rip you off!

So even with martial arts and self defence "check out the classes" do some homework on clubs near you and see what they can offer you for the price, and then you can make the decision that is right for you.

We know that some people are on a budget and we totally understand that, but some things in life are worth budgeting for and we believe that personal health, fitness and the peace of mind knowing you are strong, confident and can protect your self and your loved ones in a threat or an attack is something worth budgeting for!

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