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KMAA has been in the making for many years but was officially set in motion and unveiled in the last half of 2017.

KMAA is the brain child and life's work of Troy Matthews who was an ex International Krav Maga Federation Expert level instructor for over 15 years, running multiple schools on the East coast of Australia.

After over 37 years in the Martial arts, self defence and security industry Troy saw a real need for a self defence system that is specific to Australia and our general problems, with full 24/7 support to its instructors and students within the shores of Australia.

Troys journey in Krav Maga started back in 2002 when Krav Maga was bought to Australia for the 1st time by Eyal Yanilov who was under the International Krav Maga Federation at this time.

But Troy's love and passion for martial arts started long before Krav Maga!

Starting his Martial arts journey in 1980 with traditional Karate, moving on to several styles of Kung fu for many years until MMA started in OZ back in the 90's which led him to Muay thai and later in life BJJ.

In 2002 Troy was invited to a seminar which changed his path and started the love and passion that still drives him today "Krav Maga".

With several black belts, many fights in Muay thai /MMA and spending many years in the security industry running clubs, hiring and teaching security crews along with running self defence schools for over 16 years, Troy has seen many violent encounters and knows that to  truly survive these types of attacks is not easy and takes "balls", strong technique, good aggression and realistic training to prepare the student for this.

So after years of fighting with himself teaching techniques he knew would fail under real conditions and basically training people to get a "Patch/rank" Troy made the decision to be true to himself and teach techniques that are strong and realistic. Techniques that work under real conditions and extreme pressure, regardless of where they originated from or if they are hard to learn or not. In short, we teach the best technique we can come up with  for each specific problem!

KMAA will always teach what is current and relevant, what is the best option for its students and in a way that prepares people for reality and gives them the best fighting chance to survive.


Krav Maga classes at KMAA are an awesome group fitness activity,

which are  great fun & far more than just self defence classes.
 Students become strong, confident, aware and assertive through specialized games, stress drills, obstacle runs, body strength work, reaction drills, padwork, scenario work and hands on training all while learning self defence tactics and skills to defend all kinds of attacks with the emphasis on giving you a fighting chance to survive a violent confrontation or attack in the real world.  
KMAA'S krav maga system is old school krav maga ..... How it was  meant to be before money and politics came to the party!

A raw, at times ugly, no rules, no BS, self defence system that is always evolving and embracing training with other styles, races, gender, etc which not only hones our skills as students and instructors, it also aids us in keeping up with the best solutions to real world threats  and attacks "So that one may walk in peace".

Lots of Krav maga clubs act all bad ass and take the military macho route barking down to you with demanding orders, but we believe the best route for us and you is being more like your life coach, your motivational speaker, your support crew, your personal trainer

and your self defence instructor.

Our classes are modern, fun, high energy, encouraging and perfect for all types of people regardless of your size, strength, fitness level or physical ability.

Our beginners class is self paced so you dont even need to be fit or sporty to start!

Krav maga is great fun and easy to learn. We focus on teaching you to use the bodies natural flinch reactions and instinctual movements to defend yourself

Imi's dream for Krav Maga was to never stay stagnate and to always keep striving to evolve and strengthen the system, "dont sit still". Many of the big organizations have forgotten this and that is why Troy made the decision to refine and develop his own Krav Maga based system and curricullum that we will always strive to give the best and most relevant options to his students, and the best ongoing support on all levels for our KMAA instructors.


Troy trained under Amnon Darsa founder of S.M.A.R.T Krav Maga for many years including under going his expert level test.

Troy is quoted saying " I have been involved in Krav Maga in Australia since its conception and i have sat back and watched many changes within the major organizations and Krav Maga in general over the years and sadly most of the changes are not for the better". Unfortunately in Troy's opinion like most things money and politics become toxic as brands grow, they change and modify to accelerate that growth and krav Maga is no different! but with this the integrity of the brand crumbles, quality of technique and training begins to drop and support to instructors and students gets lost along the way to cater for the "masses", so everyone gets lost in the woodwork and becomes an insignificant number.


He believes people are getting licensed way to early with minimal combat and Krav Maga skills and no life skills, techniques and training is being watered down to make it easy to do (even if it doesnt work). Then there is no support for these "new instructors" and overall Krav Maga in Australia due to being so far from Israel and their support, so instructors here are left to flounder and figure it out as they go. Not to mention the constant Military angle they take and anti terrorism seminars, active shooter seminars and all other kinds of ridiculous topics that are garbage, totally irrelevant to our country and just cashing in on peoples current fears!




Troy with Avi Moyal - chairman & head instructor of the International

Krav Maga Federation  2013 & 2014

This is why Troy decided to create "Krav Maga Alliance of Australia" and once the decision was made he knew he couldn't do it alone, and that is where "Alliance of Australia" came into it.


We are the 1st Krav Maga system solely in Australia that pulled together other krav maga students and instructors from KM  organizations who shared the same concerns and dream that Troy did and decided to offer what we believe is the best Krav Maga curriculum and product on the Australian market. "KMAA!".

The 1st ever instructor course of 180 hours for KMAA was ran by Troy and completed towards the end of 2017 with 7 instructors passing, Daniel Harvey, Kevin Hanson, Darren Hepplewhite, Floyd Hanson, Norman Phillips, Jack Hanson and Craig McPherson. Without the help and support from these guys KMAA would not have been born and we cant thank them enough.





The rest is history and we are now looking to build the KMAA army around Australia.

Message us to enquire about how you can become an instructor for KMAA and start your new career NOW by attending our next instructors course.

Must have 3 years minimum Krav maga experience or 5 years martial arts. Current Krav Maga instructors are welcome to contact us to see what we have to offer and see why we believe our product, techniques, curriculum structure and support is far superior to what is out there.






Troy with Megan Cohen Berkman  head instructor at Kravolution

Troy with Marcus Torgerson

International krav maga federation Global instructor team

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