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Krav Maga classes at KMAA address all areas of

self defence such as strength, fitness, confidence, awareness, assertiveness, vigilance, de-esculation, using and controlling your aggression and of course learning to defuse, stop and shut down all types of attacks and confrontations.

Our classes are an awesome group fitness activity which are  great fun!

Think cross fit, boxing, gym, bootcamp,

kickboxing, combat aerobics & any other cardio/aerobic/combat classes you can think of, roll them into one... throw in specialised games, obstacle course challenges, scenario drills & defensive tactics that are proven to help enhance your reaction time, raise your awareness, build confidence and give you a fighting chance to survive a violent confrontation or attack in the real world.  

KMAA caters for both adults and children with personal development and anti-bullying classes for kids aged 10 -14 years of age and adult self defence fitness classes for ages 15 years and over.

To normal every day people traditional martial arts classes can be strange, boring, mundane and make you feel inferior, intimidated and embarrassed. 

You may find the training is out dated, the techniques are not practical and what you are being taught simply would not work in the real world....and lets be honest you need to be a 20 year old contortionist gymnastic champion to perform a lot of the tasks they are asking.

Self defence fitness classes can and should be fun, encouraging, supportive, easy to learn, perfect for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and above all they should teach realistic

self defence tactics and skills.

Classes at KMAA focus on teaching students to deal with the reality of a violent modern day encounter, confrontation or attack.

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